5 Facts to know before buying a tablet PC

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Tablet is one of the necessary electronic product or gadget used in our present daily life. But in wide range of market, it is little tricky to choose a right one which can similar with your temperament and manage the tasks you need. Here is some important factors that you can read ahead to set your mind before buying a tablet.

In 2001 the term tablet PC was first coined by Microsoft Corporation with the announcement of their pen-enabled personal computer named Microsoft Tablet PC. But then, it was considered as a luxury product. It got popular after 2010, when Apple Computer Inc lunched iPad in consumer market. Since then, almost every major computer and consumer electronics manufacturer comes with their own tablet specification. Before having a tablet PC, let’s go through these to learn the issues you need to consider.

1. Screen size & display resolution

Screen size & display resolution is one the most important spec to deciding the right model. You have a wide range of choice from 7 to 10 inch. Larger screen size allows a comfortable using but denotes heavier weight. Display resolution depends on its ppi (pixel per square inch) measure. More pixels give a shiny and clear output on screen. Most of the recent devices support full HD video and recording quality. Besides brightness, color contrast and depth are also considerable to choose a right display.

2. Processor

If you don’t want a slow tablet, you have to ensure a fast hardware compilation. You can find a tablet including Quad-core or Octa-core processors with 1 or 2 GB ram and quad-core GPU. It would be enough for a nice one which can give you an experience of fast and smooth running tablet. But you may vary specifications depending on your task. With this check the internal storage and ability to expand with SD card.

3. Battery

Long battery backup is necessary when it that undergoes with heavy use of internet or other multimedia functions. Usually most of the tablets ensure 5 to 6 hours of battery life with single charge. But it can vary among brands and models. Depending on your need some other features like camera resolution, sensors, touch screen types etc. need to check carefully. These features help you to manage multi-tasks by one single device.

4. Operating System

Operating system is another issue to think about while go for a tablet. There are iOS, Android and Windows operating system used in most tablets. Android can be compatible with various brands and models like Samsung, Lenovo, HP etc. But Apple’s iOS comes with different models of iPad only. Both systems have some pros and cons which are mostly determined by user preference. You can access the specific app store only which is compatible with your operating system.

5. Connectivity

Look for connectivity options of your desired tablet. Most of the multimedia tablets have Wi-Fi capability. Some other models have 3G/4G option to act as a navigation system. Besides check for how many Input & Output ports it has like USB or HDMI. Such, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has an HDMI out which allows you hook up the Tab with monitor or TV set.In terms of comfort and portability, tablet’s dimension and weight is a significant factor to think about. Basically tablet is invented to allow you travel with all of your official task or entertainment. So make sure your tablet with comfortable size which maintains both usability and portability.

Every single consumer has their individual preferences. It is important to know how you use it. Now, determine your tasks and reassemble you tech armory with a perfect tablet of your need.

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